Machine Learning

Machine Learning
June 11 2020

Nowadays, machine learning is widely used for pattern recognition. Face Recognition technologies, which are daily used services in a huge number of industries, are based on some concept behind machine learning. However this is not the only use of Machine Learning.

Nowadays, ML is used for building effective marketing campaigns by segmenting their existing customers, studying what makes their customers choose some services above others, and why. Thus, ML provides you with the right arsenal to increase customer profitability if it is well used and designed.

Machine Learning can also be used to predict sales & inventory and then adapt your offer to maximize your profits. Our consultants will help you benefit from ML.

Our experience in this field will help you save valuable time and effort and experience a successful project with high added value.

Our approach is based on identifying a Business Goal. This is a prerequisite that we need together to fulfill before beginning the building phase. Once the business goal is identified, we express it as a testable hypothesis. Those hypotheses are then progressively refined through experimentation and further modeling.

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