August 6 2020

With relevant experience in IT project development and management and with a solid technical background, we are looking for an IT project manager. Reporting to the Director of Operations (DdO), and responsible for project management, your missions will be:

    • Manage the implementation of IS projects in compliance with deadlines and quality of deliverables
    • Ensure the implementation and execution of projects, from framing to completion
    • Ensure contractual commitments with customers and maintain a high level of satisfaction
    • Ensure compliance with standards and internal procedures for development and project management
    • Ensure Project reporting to the Director of Operations and General Management
    • Supervise and coordinate the project team by ensuring the development of skills



  • Definition of all the technical phases of the project

    • Develop general and detailed functional specifications of the project
    • Supervise the drafting of the technical specifications of the project.
    • Evaluate the risks (costs, delays, etc.) that may arise during the implementation.
    • Define the needs in terms of human resources and technical skills.
    • Prepare the costing and / or invoicing elements in advance.


  • Project management, monitoring and coordination

    • Set up the project structures and its operating rules (methods, PAQ, management tools, indicators, etc.) in accordance with the company's internal procedures
    • Define with the project teams, the objectives and deadlines for achieving deliverables (applications, modules, specific developments ...).
    • Choose and allocate resources, according to the technical constraints of the project.
    • Manage and measure the state of progress (setting up dashboards, choice of indicators, planning of steering committees, etc.).
    • Regularly communicate the project progress dashboards.
    • Validate deliverables and ensure they are received by the customer
    • Take stock of the projects (REX, lessons learned)


  • Technical Tests

    • Plan and organize unit and load tests
    • Follow the production and deployment
    • Ensure the correction of anomalies


  • Team management and skills development

    • Ensure the supervision of the project team and the development of collaborators
    • Define the training and skills development needs of employees


  • Technical skills required

    • Good knowledge of the main Microsoft development tools.
    • Ability to understand the impacts of architecture on the project, and good knowledge of application architectures
    • Knowledge of project management methods and tools (planning, budget, indicators)
    • Mastery of modeling methodologies and tools (UML, Merise ...)
    • Understanding of the business environment and activities, customer needs and constraints
    • Technical knowledge to support developers


  • Soft Skills

    • Rigor and autonomy to manage all aspects of a project (time, cost, quality, etc.)
    • Organizational, planning and management capacity
    • Facilitator skills: listening, dialogue internally and with end users
    • Good interpersonal skills internally and with clients, oral and written communication skills
    • Analytical skills during the specification phases and creativity in problem solving
    • Pragmatism and responsiveness to optimally meet customer needs
    • Leadership and ability to work in a team,


  • Required diplomas

    • Engineering school (IT or telecoms)
    • Bac +5 in computer science: Masters in computer science, DESS in computer science, MBA


Job based in Rabat

Contrat CDI

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