Presentation of the solution

A real daily flow management platform that offers a service that meets citizens' expectations.

A transactional solution composed of remote services, allowing the processing and follow-up of online requests:

  • Consultation of one or multiple land titles information
  • Consultation of electronic documents
  • Registration Requisitions
  • Dematerialization of the ownership’s certificate,
  • Certificate of non-registration,
  • Online forms and services,
  • Cadastral plan,
  • Calculation of capacity,
  • Cadastral map,
  • Consultation of cartographic products (Analog and digital formats),
  • Photogrammetric product consultation
  • Monitoring of electronic deposits,
  • Geodetic point consultation,
  • Leveling benchmark consultation, cartographic product consultation (Analog and digital formats),

Overall objective

  • Improve economic and social life nationwide by improving public administration and its efficiency by offering online services in an integrated, transparent and secure manner,