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e-Government / Telecom Operators / Banks & Insurance

National Agency for Land Conservation of Cadaster and Cartography

ANCFCC Services dematerialization:

Consumer Portal:

Certificate of ownership, monitoring of land titles, Mohafadati, Calculation of capacity, Land advertising.

Professional Portal:

Transactional platform for notaries and topographers.

Ministry of the Interior

Biometric passport management system

Dematerialization system of e-stamps

Flow exchange system with DGSN and Dar As-Sikkah

General Direction of Local Authorities

Dematerialization of civil status services:

Citizens Portal:

Request for the birth certificate.

Pre-declaration of birth.

Pre-declaration of death.

Pre-declaration of marriage.

Pre-declaration of divorce.

Request for the family book.

General direction of national security

System for managing requests for the National Electronic Identity Card (CNIE) from abroad:

Consulates and diplomatic representations

Maroc Telecom

Management systems for all Maroc Telecom Mobile, Internet and fixed-line services for all customer segments: Consumer, Professional and Business:

Consultation of contracts, consumption level, facuration, activation and deactivation of services.

Moroccan National Railways Office

URBA: Urbanization of the ONCF information system

SYSCO: Station Accounting Project

CFRET: Accounting project

FRET GRH: Payroll management

INFRASYS: Row rotation management system

SAT and DaVinci apps

General Delegation for Penitentiary Administration and Reintegration

PMS detention management system:

Detainee Management System.
Visits management.
Reintegration management.
Health management.
Pharmaceutical management.

Ministry of Tourism

Online declaration system for overnight stays in accommodation establishments.

Maroc Telecom


Self Care private customers:

Monitoring of consumption and consultation of the phone balance in real time.

Consultation, downloading and payment of invoices via secure banking platform.

Activation of services and options.

Management of offers and change of formulas as required.

Direct consultation of Fidelio points.

Recharge of Passes for voice or mobile data.

Sending free text messages.

Moroccan National Railways Office

ONCF Trafic:


ONCF TRAFFIC allows you to locate the station closest to the user, and suggests the route to follow to get there.

Timetable :

Consult timetables and next departures.

Traffic status :

Real-time information on traffic conditions to better anticipate travels.

Details of your trip :

By using ONCF TRAFFIC, the user can consult all the details of his trip: Station served, Distance and travel time of the trip, railway number, Location of the 1st class.