Digital transformation

Digital Development

  • Identification and implementation of digital tools and services that will improve the user’s experience throughout their path.
  • Definition and deployment, in collaboration with our customers, of the digital strategy, serving the citizen or the customer experience.
  • Optimization and dissemination of management tools for business model performance ; Contribution to the reflection on the digital strategy.
  • Digital monitoring and innovation to identify relevant services and technologies and propose use cases.
  • Digital Notoriety and Company’s e-reputation.
  • The development of e-government for efficient, effective and equitable public services for all citizens.


    • Nowadays, dematerialization has become a must for the implementation of a new model of public administration oriented towards innovation and modernity.
    • Fluidity, time saving, improvement of the quality of supply and procedures, dematerialization offers many advantages to improve the performance of public services.
    • More concretely, the aim is to improve performance and responsiveness by automating the processes and the necessary procedures to strengthen the country's competitiveness.
    • To be more attentive to citizens’s requests in order to deliver a better quality of service.
    • Simplification for users and agents.
  • Dematerialization projects carried out by NETOPIA :
    • Dematerialization of the passport application process
    • Dematerialization of stamps
    • Electronic property certificates
    • Dematerialization of the national civil status register

IT System integration

This Business Unit is entirely dedicated to the integration of market solutions or those developed by us

    • PGI / ERP
    • CRM
    • CMS
    • Infrastructures Solutions
    • Collaborative and documentary solutions
    • Vertical Business Oriented Solutions

Interoperability and Gateway

Interoperability to the strategic challenge of modernizing organizations and their information systems, inter-application communication between the base of a digital workspace and the software services that connect to it.

NETOPIA’s goal aimed to respond to many needs :

    • Increased exchanges between administrations
    • Citizens' access to personal information under highly secure conditions
    • The ability of citizens to take several steps more simply
    • The ability of citizens to access these services at home or at many multi- functional agencies and many other services envisaged.
    • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Digital factory

NETOPIA's Digital factory is mainly focused on supporting the demands for specific developments requested by our customers. These demands are satisfied according to the Offshore, Nearshore or Inshore models. Depending on the maturity of the expressed needs, we provide our customers with technical assistance or a project contract.

We offer a wide range of technologies and development standards :

    • Microsoft Pole
    • Java Pole
    • Mobile Pole
    • ETL / BI Pole


Identity Verification

Netopia provides governments with a fully secure, innovative and efficient system to manage the whole process of applying and issuing biometric passports to citizens.

Strong authentication

NETOPIA studies and experiments with strong authentication devices that take advantage of technological developments and best practices in the field, as part of its innovation policy.

The implementation of strong authentication helps to overcome the weaknesses of the password-based authentication.

Implementing a real security policy becomes an obligation. As well as applying the basic principles of optimal protection such as authentication, authorization, confidentiality, integrity, and traceability. Among these five mechanisms, strong authentication is the keystone of security.

Mobile ID

NETOPIA offers e-Government service solutions based on mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows phones. Faced with the growing mobility of citizens, we are witnessing a real technological revolution based on connected users.

Alternative identification applications to physical ID documents for citizens and governments, an innovative and easy-to-implement solution to simplify the digital life of citizens while limiting identity fraud.

Online identification solutions on mobile phones for banking and insurance services.

Applications for voter registration and voting. Reliable solutions for citizen identification and document verification in the field for law enforcement agencies.

NETOPIA offers the government administration the opportunity to communicate with citizens in innovative ways to simplify administrative processes, facilitate accessibility, and improve the quality of their services.

Mobile Application


  • ONCF TRAFFIC allows the user to locate the nearest train station from his current position and gives him the itenary to follow to get there.
  • Consult timetables and next departures.
  • Real-time information on the state of traffic to better anticipate the travels.
  • Thanks to ONCF TRAFFIC, the user can consult all the details of his travel : Station Attended, Distance and travel time, Railway number, Location of 1st class.

Self care (Maroc Telecom)

  • Monitoring consumption and consulting the phone balance in real time View, download and pay invoices via bank in complete security,
  • Activation of services and options,
  • Management of offers and edit the subscription type as needed,
  • Direct consultation of Fidelio points,
  • Phone balance top-up for voice or mobile data,
  • Sending free text messages

Mohafadati (ANCFCC)

  • Place their orders online for land documents (Example: Certificate of ownership), and cadastral documents (Example: Cadastral Plan), as well as maps of Morocco of different types (Example: ATLAS Map)
  • Online order tracking via the tracking code sent by SMS after order confirmation.
  • Online verification of the authenticity of the documents by a third-party institution via the verification code printed on the delivered documents.
  • Consult the common reference system of property prices by land block.
  • Register with the Mohafadati service, which allows the owner to be notified of all land transactions registered on his land title.