Presentation of the solution

With its multiple IT skills, from development to publishing to integration, Netopia offers a powerful and innovative solution that improves management in the healthcare sector.

CIVIS e-health facilitates the exchange of medical information necessary for the treatment of patients. Its main advantages include the prevention of redundant medical examinations by several doctors, as well as the online updating of administrative data to rationalize time and costs.

Our solution allows us to classify, manage, prepare and systematically analyze data. It therefore greatly contributes to improving the care provided to patients.

Advantages of the solution

The gains made by the implementation of the health management system are illustrated by the efficiency and the performance level obtained by the users of the solution: Doctors, managers, patients, insured.

Features covered by the solution

  • Sanitary management:
    • Management of hospital medical staff,
    • Appointment management,
    • Management of the medical reference system (Pathologies, etc.),
    • Reporting and statistics.
  • Production and personalization of Health & Health insurance cards:
    • Website
    • Management of the applicant's identity and health data, and eligibility calculation (Scoring),
    • Dashboard
  • Pharmaceutical management:
    • Pharmaceutical reference management,
    • Stock management,
    • Management and archiving of prescriptions,
    • Reporting and statistics.

Health management process

  • Management of public and private health institutions
  • Management and analysis of patient information
  • Exchange and processing of data between the different actors of the solution
  • Management of emergency medical files, appointments, additional examinations,etc.