Presentation of the solution

In order to achieve more efficient management of schools, Netopia has designed an innovative, centralized and easy-to-use system. This solution is accessible in mobility and on all supports by the members of the teaching team, the administration, as well as by the parents.

Our solution integrates all areas of education: grades, absences, sanctions, orientation, textbooks, exercises, school agendas, infirmary, common base, multi-year follow-up, academic file, patent file, ASSR certificates ...,

Advantages of the solution

Dashboards, graphs, analytical reports, and multi-year monitoring are available: a single click allows you to access the results of previous years.

  • For administrative staff, the solution saves appreciable time in terms of their tasks. It is also a management tool and a great platform for communication with families.
  • For parents, it is an instrument for measuring the work accomplished by all administrative and educational staff. Through the electronic liaison book, they stay as close as possible to their child's activity.
  • For teachers, this solution allows global visibility on the evolution of their students.

Features covered by the solution

  • Management of the school reference system,
  • Management of registrations and payments,
  • Management of administrative and educational staff,
  • Management of student pathways (grades, absences, etc.).
  • Management of the institution’s services (transport, canteen, etc.),
  • Internet portal dedicated to parents for monitoring,
  • Sending informative SMS.

Educational management process

  • Collecting information about students
  • Production and management of electronic cards for students
  • Management of timetables and materials
  • Management and monitoring of student attendance and progress
  • Marks and results management